What Color Nails Go With Purple Dress?

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A friend of mine in the fashion industry updated me about recent fashion weeks I was excited to hear about the Pantone Color Institute’s selection of trending colors for spring/summer 2023. On the list of colors is Beetroot Purple. Pantone describes beetroot purple as, “an emboldened fuchsia hue depicting the fruits of nature.”

I’m reminded of beet vegetables and their deep reddish-purple color. I have a party coming up in the spring and I’m hoping to find a beetroot purple dress!

And, my friend is wearing a plum-colored velvet dress to a holiday party in a few weeks. We are both wondering what color nails go with a purple dress. 

There are different categories of colors you can paint your nails to go with a purple dress. First, you can paint your nails colors that are analogous to purple such as pink and indigo.

Another option for nail colors that go with a purple dress is complementary colors like yellow and orange.

A third option if you wear a purple dress is to paint your nails a neutral color including white, gray, and brown.

Finally, you have the option of wearing a shade of purple nails with your purple dress for a monochromatic look. 

The Best Color Nails To Go With A Purple Dress

Analogous Colors

Analogous colors are colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. If we take a look at purple on the color wheel, it is in between pink and indigo. When we pair purple with either pink or indigo, the colors will match well and create an elegant and balanced look. 

Pink Nails With A Purple Dress

Pink nails go great with a purple dress because pink and purple work in harmony together. 

There are so many different shades of pink nail polish to choose from. You can consider the season to help you select a pink color for your nails. 

In the spring, you might want to paint your nails in a soft pastel pink. In the summer, you might opt for a bold bright pink along the lines of hot pink. Rose is a great option for the fall. And, dark pink is great in the winter. 

Another consideration for which shade of pink nail polish to select is whether your purple dress has warm or cool undertones.

For example, lavender is a cooler shade of purple because it has blue undertones. If you are wearing a lavender dress, you’ll want to select a shade of pink nail polish that also has cool blue undertones.  

If you plan to wear a lilac dress, you’ll want to select a shade of pink polish with a warm undertone. Lilac is a shade of light purple like lavender. However, unlike lavender which is a cool color, lilac is a warm color with pinkish-reddish undertones. We love baby pink or rose pink nails paired with a lilac dress.

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Lastly, if you know you want to pair your purple dress with pink nail polish, you can consider the type of event you will be attending when selecting the type of pink for your nails.

If you are attending a formal wedding, for example, you will probably want to avoid bright or neon pink on your nails. However, if you are attending a casual summer BBQ by the lake, bright pink nails paired with a purple dress will look fantastic. 

What color nail polish with eggplant dress

Indigo Nails With A Purple Dress

Indigo is also beside purple on the color wheel. Indigo is a deep shade of purplish-blue.  You can look for a shade of blue nail polish that will balance with your purple dress. 

Again, the season can be a consideration for which shade of blue polish you select. In the summer, opt for bright cobalt blue nail polish.

For spring occasions, you can consider sky blue.

In the fall, we like french blue with its smoky appearance.

Finally, navy is the way to go for your nails in the winter. Navy is a dark blue color and looks stunning in the winter with a purple dress. 

When selecting blue nail polish to go with your purple dress, you can also consider the undertones of your dress. You will want your nail polish to have the same undertone, either warm or cool, as your purple dress.

If you are wearing a cool purple, opt for baby blue nail polish. If you are wearing a warm purple, like aubergine, select a warmer blue for your nails, like turquoise.  

Finally, you might want to think about what type of event you will be wearing your purple dress to. If you are attending a dressy event, you might want to select a shade of blue that is equally formal. We like navy blue and midnight blue.

On the other hand, if you are attending a Sunday morning brunch, you might want to paint your nails in a fun shade of blue, like denim or cobalt. 

What color nail polish with eggplant dress

Complementary Colors

If you are wearing a purple dress and want to create a vibrant and contrasting look with your nails, opt for a complementary color to purple. Colors that are complementary to purple are opposite purple on the color wheel. 

Yellow Nails With A Purple Dress

Purple and yellow are opposite each other on the color wheel. Although purple and yellow provide great contrast, they look amazing together. As they say, opposites attract. 

How can I find a suitable shade of yellow nail polish? Don’t hesitate to try the color yellow on your nails. You can consider what season you are wearing your purple dress to help guide your selection of a shade of yellow nail polish. 

Mustard yellow is a great autumnal color. Yellow nails are also a great choice for the winter. Believe it or not, yellow nails in the winter help to brighten your mood. Try a rich buttery yellow on your nails in the winter.

In the spring, pastel light yellow looks wonderful on nails. And, in the summer, go bright with a vivid lemon yellow. 

When selecting a shade of yellow nail polish, you can also consider whether your purple dress has a cool or warm undertone.

If your dress has tinges of blue, select a cool yellow color for your nails, like lemon. Lemon-yellow is a cool color because of its green undertones.

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If your purple dress has warm red undertones, opt for warm yellow nail polish, like mustard yellow.

Finally, think about what occasion you will wear your purple dress to. You might want to consider painting your nails a soft light shade of yellow for a fancy evening event. And, you can select a brighter more vivid shade of yellow for a daytime lunch with your friends. 

Orange Nails With A Purple Dress

Orange is also opposite purple on the color wheel. While you might not be inclined to paint your nails a pumpkin orange color, there are other shades of orange which will look stunning when painted on nails and worn with a purple dress. 

For instance, if you are wearing a jewel-toned purple dress this holiday season, paint your nails a copper color. Copper’s metallic shine will brighten up your winter outlook and look gorgeous paired with your purple dress. 

Furthermore, if you wear a purple dress in the spring, select a mango orange nail polish in a creme finish. Mango is a bright orange that will bring spring cheer. 

If you are going to be attending a summer party in a purple dress, a wonderful shade of orange for your nails is coral. Coral is a vibrant, fresh, and energetic orange color with a touch of pink. Coral reminds us of summer sunsets.  

In the fall, we love pairing a plum purple dress with amber nails. Amber is an orange with shades of yellow and reminds us of the changing leaves. 

In addition to thinking about the season when you select your nail color, you can also take into account the type of event you will wear your dress to.

While orange isn’t a typical color to wear to a formal event, orange nails in a metallic color like copper, or a light orange creme color, will look elegant. Other shades of orange that are very bright and bold will be a wonderful accessory to your dress at a more casual or daytime event. 

What color nail polish with eggplant dress

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors don’t have much saturation and are not on the color wheel. These colors pair well with all colors. Our favorite neutral nail colors that pair with a purple dress are described below. 

White Nails With A Purple Dress

White is a classic timeless nail color and will pair well with a purple dress. 

There are some variations in white nail polish colors. There is stark white, off-white, ivory, cream, and porcelain. White nail polishes also come in many different finishes such as:  opaque, creme, glossy, sheer, opalesceng and pearlescent. 

We feel that whichever white nail polish you choose, because it is a neutral, will be appropriate and look amazing with your purple dress. You can consider season and event type if you’d like. For instance, you might be inclined to pick a snow white in the winter and a pearlescent white in the spring. 

Gray Nails With A Purple Dress

We also love pairing gray nail polish with a purple dress. Gray is a calming color and works with all shades of purple. 

Gray nail polish comes in many shades that range from light gray to dark gray. Like other nail polishes, gray nail polish is also available in many finishes. 

Again, since gray ia a neutral color, it will always look wonderful paired with any purple, during any season and for any occasion. 

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Our favorite gray and purple combos are: 

  • light gray nails with a lavender dress (maybe in spring or for a wedding);
  • gunmetal gray manicure with a grape or mauve dress (this pairing sounds amazing for the winter, possibly for a date night or a holiday party);
  • silver nails with a chrome finish and an Iris purple dress (fun and playful for the summer);
  • and concrete gray nail polish with an amethyst purple dress in the fall (perfect for any gathering Thanksgiving time). 
What color nail polish with eggplant dress

Brown Nails With A Purple Dress

Brown is another neutral color that always pairs wonderfully with purple. Some of our top choices for brown nails with a purple dress are as follows: 

  • plum dress with tan nails;
  • eggplant dress with coffee colored manicure; and
  • lavender dress and beige nails.

Purple Color Nails

You can absolutely wear a purple dress and get a purple manicure on your nails. This would be a monochromatic look, meaning you are using the same color but possibly in varying shades and tints. 

You don’t have to match your nail polish color exactly to your purple dress. If your nails are a slightly different shade than your nails, you will be adding depth and interest to your look. 

No matter which purples you wear, your dress and on your nails, a monochromatic look is always very clean and polished and will work well at any occasion and during any season. 

Do Metallic Nails Go With A Purple Dress?

Yes. You can absolutely paint your nails with a polish that has a metallic finish when you wear a purple dress. Gold, rose gold, silver, and copper all will look amazing with a purple dress. 

Can I Wear Nail Art With A Purple Dress? 

You can wear nail designs with a purple dress. However, if your purple dress is not solid and has a print in it, consider keeping the nail art simple and the colors in the art in the same color family as the colors in your dress. 

If you are wearing a solid purple dress, you can easily wear more elaborate nail designs. You might consider using analogous, complementary, and neutral colors in your nail art. 


While our favorite nail colors to wear with a purple dress are described here, remember, you can wear whatever color on your nails that makes you feel happy and confident. 

Purple is a sophisticated color. If you opt for an analogous color on your nails, your look will be softer than if you opt for a complementary nail color which will contrast more with your purple dress. 

When selecting your nail color, you can consider the season. Remember, darker colors tend to look best on nails in the winter. Pastel colors look great in the spring. Summer is for bright hot nail colors. And, fall nail colors that will look great are bronze and neutrals. 

Another consideration when selecting your nail color is the type of purple you are wearing. Remember, if your purple has warm undertones, you can pick a warm nail polish color. If your dress has cool undertones, opt for a cool nail polish color. Neutral nail colors will work with any type of purple.

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What color nail polish with eggplant dress

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