Toys and Play: 6- to 8-Year-Olds

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What do 6 year-olds like to doChildren play from the moment they are born. Play is how they learn about themselves and their world. It is how they develop and practice the physical, thinking and social skills needed in life. These tips will help you choose toys and play activities for your child based on their age or stage of development. Think about sharing them with your child’s other caregivers, too.

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6- to 8-year-olds:

  • Enjoy large-muscle activities like jump rope, bike riding, roller blading, ball games and hopscotch
  • Also enjoy fine motor activities like drawing, braiding, cutting, jigsaw puzzles, weaving, wood work and simple sewing
  • Make use of reading, writing and simple math in games and toys
  • Enjoy nature and simple science
  • Have an increased interest in friendship and belonging
  • Prefer to play with same-sex friends
  • Like riddles, jokes and using secret codes
  • Play well with others and want to play fair
  • Do not like to lose and may cheat to win
  • May collect things (cards, dolls, etc.)
  • Like dramatic play and putting on shows
  • May be ready for athletic and team sports
  • May want to start lessons in music, dance, drawing or crafts

Toys and activities


  • Two-wheeled bike
  • Skate board and scooter
  • Jump rope
  • Complex gym sets with rings, bars, swings, ropes and slides
  • Sports gear and balls
  • Ski, snowboard, sled and hockey gear (with adult supervision)
  • Roller blades and ice skates
  • Horseshoes, croquet and badminton
  • Ping-pong and foosball (from age 8)
  • Sand and water play toys


  • Large sets of blocks or bricks
  • Complex construction sets made of wood, plastic or metal
  • Sets with motorized parts and complex gear systems


  • Small cars and trucks and collectibles
  • Large-scale realistic cars and trucks with working parts
  • Train sets (electric sets at 8 years)
  • Simple remote-control cars

Make believe

  • Dolls with many accessories, house and equipment
  • Collector dolls, paper dolls and action figures
  • Stuffed animals
  • Puppets and theater
  • Dress-up clothes and make-up
  • Magic and disguise kits
  • Props for dramatic play (store, school, library, office, space)
  • Cooking and sewing equipment that works

Learning and games

  • Simple strategy and rule games
  • Word, match, and spelling games
  • Puzzles
  • Balance and scales
  • Mechanical models with pulleys, levers and pendulums
  • Models: human body, physical world, space and moon
  • Science and weather kits
  • Microscope, telescope and binoculars
  • Protractor and calculator
  • Apps, computer or hand-held games for teaching math, drawing/graphics, story writing and music writing
  • Video games (check for age level)
  • Books

Arts, crafts and music

  • Crayons, paint, markers, pencils, stencils, pastels and chalk
  • Sketch pads, art paper and coloring books
  • Scissors
  • Clay, plaster of Paris and papier-mache
  • Looms and knitting spool
  • Beading, mosaic tiles, leatherwork, sewing kits, weaving and jewelry making
  • More complex woodworking tools (with adult supervision)
  • Photography
  • Model airplanes and cars
  • Rhythm instruments
  • Music, dance and gymnastic lessons (age 7 or 8)
  • Device for listening to music


Choose toys that meet these safety guidelines for this age:

  • Non-toxic materials
  • No sharp points or edges
  • No electrical parts without adult supervision
  • Always use the right safety gear with activities, such as helmets, knee and elbow pads and life jackets.

Learn more about toy safety and get tips for choosing toys and play activities for children of other ages.

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What do 6 year-olds like to do

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Six-year-olds can read books independently, speak entire phrases, comprehend numbers, and draw various geometric forms. So it’s the right time to start laying the foundation for learning by enrolling them in different activities for 6-year-olds. You don’t have to always force children to participate in educational activities. There are various other fascinating methods to have fun while learning new things. Continue reading this post to learn about numerous activities your child would like.

30 Activities For Six-Year-Olds

Fun Activities

One of the most important activities that your child should do is play. But as parents, you may want them to learn something while playing. We have some fun learning activities that your kid can enjoy while also reaping benefits.

1. Tongue twisters

Tongue twisters are a combination of unusual sounds and are often difficult to pronounce. They are a good way for children to improve their vocabulary and pronunciation. Your six-year-old can have a fun time by repeating the funny tongue twisters and also include the rhythm and sounds while practicing English. It improves reading and memory skills. We have a few for you to try:

  • Yellow butter, purple jelly, red jam, black bread.
  • Any noise annoys an oyster, but a noisy noise annoys an oyster more.
  • A big bug bit the little beetle but the little beetle bit the big bug back.
  • Cooks cook cupcakes quickly.

2. Language games

Image: Shutterstock

Improving language is not limited to grammar books. Playing language games once or twice a week can provide an interactive learning experience. Some of the popular language games include:

  • Unscramble words: Interchange the letters of simple words and ask your child to find out the correct word.
  • Riddles: Make a phrase or describe a thing and let your kid identify the subject.
  • Word game: Give a big word and ask your child to come up with a list of words using the word’s letters. For instance, if the word is a COMPUTER, then the words that can be made with these letters are top, put, pet, top, and more.

3. Listening games

Listening is a skill that helps build reading ability, improve speech, and develop social and communication skills. We have a few simple and fun activities that you can try for your six years old child.

  • Say a series of words and ask your child to pick the odd one out.
  • Word Chain is a fun game that needs careful listening. Start with a random word, and let your child come up with the next term that starts with the last letter. For instance, your word is Apple, the next one would be Elephant, and then Tiger.
  • A Line-up story is another exciting game that helps improve language and listening skills. One person has to say a random sentence, and the other has to continue the story by adding a line. The game goes on, and eventually, the story turns out to be funnier than expected.

4. Phonic games

Phonics is the relationship between the alphabet and sounds. Learning to use phonics correctly from a younger age can make it easier for children to spell long and challenging words. Here are some creative activities.

  • Rhyming words: Rhymes can be a light-hearted way for little ones to understand phonics. Give a list of words on a paper and ask your child to come up with a list of rhyming words.
  • I spy: It is one of the best activities that can be played anywhere, be it while traveling or when bored. Make a sound of the word that you want your kid to identify. For instance, say, I spy something that begins with bbb or aaa.

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5. Action games

Six-year-old children like to be involved in action-packed games as they are packed with energy and enthusiasm. Such activities also enhance multitasking, improve communication skills, and let the child play and exercise simultaneously. Throw and catch the ball, juggle with a ball or bottle, and treasure hunt are some easy and enjoyable activities.

6. Memory games

Image: Shutterstock

Memorizing words or phrases plays a beneficial role in a child’s development. You can play the game with your six-year-old at home or in the park or even while traveling. Spot the difference, magic cup game, and card game are some easy choices to start with.

Art and Craft Activities

Art and craft activities nurture attention, listening, imagination, and communication abilities. These also help your child identify texture, colors, and shapes, build creativity, and improve motor skills.

7. Origami

Image: Shutterstock

Origami is the art of folding a sheet of paper to make sculptures of animals, birds, or objects. It also brings out the creative side of the child. Give some colorful and smooth-textured sheets of paper to your child, show them how to make an origami (here are some ideas), and let them enjoy it alone or with friends.

8. Drawing

The most basic activity that six years old children can do is to draw and color. This simple activity offers benefits such as improving visual analysis and concentration, strengthening hand-eye coordination, and facilitating the better expression of thoughts and ideas.

9. Play with wind vane

When art and craft are merged with science, it becomes one of the best logic-based activities. Teach your child to make a wind vane, an instrument used to show the wind’s direction. All you need is a marker, pointer, and cardboard. It is fun to make and play with.

10. Basic cooking

Image: Shutterstock

You can encourage your six-year-old to indulge in cooking as it is one of the most exciting activties ever. However, it requires adult supervision. Let your child participate in basic cooking activities such as decorating baked items, greasing the pans, dicing soft foods, and mixing ingredients for baking. These are easy and safe activities that steadily develop your child’s interest.

11. Screen games

You can let them play games on the computer, join an online club, and read a book online. However, restrict the screen time to a couple of hours or less. Pick games that you can play with the child or the entire family can play together.

12. Act out stories

Acting out a story that your child has recently read or watched can help them remember it and strengthen their ability to read comprehensions. It is also suitable for their cognitive development. You can use props to make the activity more interesting and amusing.

Learning Activities

School is not the only place where a child learns new things. You can improve their knowledge and socio-emotional development skills by getting them involved in learning activities at home.

13. Tactile games

Tactile or sensory games stimulate your child’s senses by encouraging them to investigate, question, explore, and create while playing. They also improve problem-solving capacity, motor skills, and language development. Playing with clay, stacking blocks, and slimes are some of the simple and fun tactile games they can play.

14. Math games

Learning math can become tedious if your child learns it only at school. You can make it engrossing by playing math games such as Jenga, Dominos, Snakes and Ladders, and Business. There are several math board games and interactive games that you can allow your child to play. They can learn addition and subtraction, shapes and sequences, counting, and number relationships to strengthen their reasoning and problem-solving skills. Don’t forget to give them bonus points for good work!

15. Reading together

Image: Shutterstock

Reading from a young age fosters imagination and improves understanding of a language. To make reading a compelling activity, you can read stories to your child and ask them to read it to you. Sometimes, you can read the stories together and discuss them, too. Try to make reading a part of your child’s routine.

16. Mirror games

Six-year-old children can enjoy mirror activities in different ways. Mirrors can be used for science experiments and also for some fun time. You can even use spinning tops and flashlights to make reflections. Make your children write the alphabet or numbers on a sheet of paper and let them check what happens when they see them in the mirror. Such activities can be quite intriguing for children.

17. New words

Introduce your children to new words to improve vocabulary and language skills. You can also ask them to use those words in sentences to understand their use. An entertaining way to do it is by picking random words while watching movies or cartoons and then asking the child to use it in a sentence.

18. Riddles

Riddles can let your child laugh and, at the same time, boost their creative thinking and verbal fluency. You can ask riddles to your children or let them create some on their own. Here are a few that you may ask your six-year-old kid.

  • Where can you find streets, cities, shops, and towns, but no people? (Answer: Map)
  • What has two hands and a face but no legs? (Answer: Clock)
  • I am tall when young and short when old? (Answer: Candle)

Indoor Activities

There are plenty of indoor activities for six-year-olds that help improve brain development, language skills, general intellect, and physical development. Not to forget, they are fun-filled, too.

19. Treasure hunt

Treasure hunt or scavenger hunt is an interesting activity in which you have to hide objects and leave a series of clues for your child. Playing the game regularly can help your child with physical exercise, improved attention and creativity, self-confidence, and imagination.

20. Writing in a diary

Your six-year-old child can learn discipline and organize thoughts by keeping a diary. It allows them to be expressive. Writing also provides an opportunity to improve handwriting, vocabulary, and grammar.

21. Cardmaking

Image: Shutterstock

Making a greeting card involves cutting, drawing, coloring, gluing, and getting crafty. It improves your child’s motor skills and power of imagination. Buy colors, glitters, and sheets of paper to make cards for different occasions, such as birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, and Father’s day.

22. Board games

Playing indoor board games with family and friends helps improves a child’s problem-solving skills, improves strategy skills and concentration, and strengthens communication. Some of the popular ones include Tic-tac-toe, Guess who, Snakes and Ladders, Connect 4, and Scrabble junior.

Outdoor Activities

Playing outdoors is crucial for a child’s overall health and development. Playing in parks and grounds helps children learn new things, develop positive attitude and communication, and create a connection with nature.

23. Visit a museum

Children can learn about history by visiting a museum. It encourages them to ask questions and learn more about the world and the universe. Take your six-year-old to a museum in your town or city and help them compare the past with the present.

24. Gardening

Image: Shutterstock

Let your six-year-old get close to nature through this activity. Sowing a seed, mulching, watering plants, and other gardening activities cultivate a unique learning experience. Teach children basic gardening skills to make them understand the importance of nature and love nature.

25. Camping

Give a camping experience to your little ones once in a while. You can start once they are six years old. It helps in unplugging from the routine life, motivates working in a team, fosters social skills, and helps connect with nature, family, and friends. Before you camp outside, you can even build a tent with blankets over two pieces of furniture.

26. Obstacle course

Make an obstacle course in the park or backyard of the house and let your child improve their gross motor skills. You can make them hop over the bricks, crawl under the chairs, stretch their hands and legs, and twirl around.

27. A family walk

Image: Shutterstock

Take your child for a walk amidst the natural surroundings. It can be in the nearby woods or a park. Let them talk to you freely, share their feelings, explore nature, touch the flowers and leaves, and breathe in the fresh air. It could strengthen your bond and make them appreciate nature.

28. Picnic with friends and family

A picnic is a wonderful activity to keep children close to nature and loved ones. It is a good opportunity to play games, rest, hang around, and relish delicious homemade snacks. This activity strengthens the familial bond and also gives the child a break from the monotonous school life.

29. Cycling

Image: Shutterstock

Encourage your six-year-old to cycle to keep them active, build muscle mass, boost confidence, strengthen social skills, improve navigational skills, and have unlimited fun. Once they are comfortable cycling, they can have bike rides with family and friends.

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30. Backyard games

Hopscotch, hide and seek, bowling with recycled bottles, tire swing, and water play are a few simple outdoor activities that you can encourage your child to play. Ask them to call their neighborhood friends or cousins. Let them enjoy, have fun, and cherish their childhood days.

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All the most fun activities for 4-6 year olds filled with simple ideas about how to make the most of your time with your young kiddos.

I don’t want to look up one day and realize I missed out on the fun parts of parenting young children, but with the chaos that often is part of this time I also need our activities to be simple, and I need them to work. This is why, with help from my readers, I made this list of the activities that are the most fun for kids in about the four to six year age range – to let us focus on doing the things together that we’ll really love at this age.

The lovely part about reading all of these is it really does make you excited about the things that you can do with your kindergarten-aged kid. This is exactly what we sometimes need – to be re-energized about the FUN parts. This list includes some affiliate links, should you purchase through them you support this site at no extra cost to yourself, thank you.

Like the Toddler Years Must-Do List, this is not meant to be a guilt list, just an inspiration list to help us remember what we love about this age. Don’t think you have to do everything in order to make great memories with your child; just do the activities that appeal to you.

What do 6 year-olds like to do

The Little Kids Delight List

Play TogetherWhat do 6 year-olds like to do

  • Make Believe – Act out a Storybook
  • Cards – our favorite card games for young kids
  • Board games – here are our favorite board games for 4 year-olds
  • Dominos
  • Face Paint Crayons
  • Do a puppet show
  • Play Hide and Seek

 Laugh Together

  • Whoopee Cushions and silly pranks
  • Teach them knock knock jokes…and listen to their nonsensical ones
  • Have impromptu dance parties in the kitchen
  • Learn Magic Tricks, Card Tricks
  • Watch a funny movie on a rainy day – my dad introduced us to The Pink Panther when we were this age

Get Outside!

  • Fly a kite
  • Point out the Big Dipper… Cassiopeia…Orion – watch for satellites together
  • Water balloons
  • Plant a garden
  • Make a sandcastle
  • Dig for worms
  • Search for fairies in the garden
  • Build a snowman
  • Collect rocks
  • Watch bugs

Encourage Exploration – And show how to find out answers to those great questions.

What do 6 year-olds like to do

 Have an Adventure

  • Go fishing – you can get a smaller sized pole that works well for preschoolers and kindergartners
  • Camp out – in your living room, in your back yard or in the middle of the woods
  • Go for tea and cake
  • Visit the beach
  • Try Letterboxing or Geocaching
  • Go hiking – look for a book on family hikes in your area for ideas
  • Play in the rain together
  • Have a picnic
  • Do a scavenger hunt

Let them fall in love with books

  • Try one of these creative ways to make reading interactive
  • Read classic chapter books to them
  • Read books about their body to help them understand it and keep them safe – open the door to conversation about it
  • Play sight word games
  • Listen to audio books together – the audio collections of Beverly Cleary books are wonderful
  • Enjoy the exciting moments of learning to read – joy in reading a book with your child on your lap, the thrill of them recognizing a word, the pride in this unfolding skill.
  • Have a family quiet reading time during the day.
What do 6 year-olds like to do

Learn about being a helper

  • Give them family chores.
  • Consider having a pet that you care for together.
  • Volunteer or donate to the community in a way that’s meaningful to a child.
  • Teach them to save up money for something they want.
  • Help them delight someone with a gift or handmade card.
What do 6 year-olds like to do

Cook Together

  • Learn the basics of cooking
  • Make s’mores.
  • Cook from a kids recipe book.
  • Teach them to flip a pancake…fry an egg…cut with a knife
  • Let them help you bake or decorate their birthday cake

Make and Create

  • Make a Nature Table.
  • Color and draw – Make a basic craft kit, so it’s easy for your child to be creative.
  • Paint – watercolors, acrylics, use unusual materials like cars or balls to roll in the paint.
  • Get lost in building Legos or other building toys.
What do 6 year-olds like to do
  • Make Forts – anywhere and everywhere from boxes, trees, blankets, and couch cushions.
  • Make Fairy Houses in the back yard – We love this Fairy Houses book.

Learn who they are

  • Try using some conversation starters to empower your child to start a chat with you.
What do 6 year-olds like to do
  • Make time for one on one time – try a birthday date or taking only one child grocery shopping if possible.
  • Have conversations at bedtime about anything and everything.
  • Visit the library, dollar store, or a museum together and see what interests your child.
  • Record a conversation with your child.
  • Let your child take pictures.
  • Tell each other lots of stories.
  • Start a journal with them to draw or write their favorite part of the day, things that concern them and make them happy or sad.
What do 6 year-olds like to do

And perhaps the most important idea:

I wish you the very best as you enjoy connecting with your young child. Let’s add to this list! What do you love to do together? Scroll down to leave a comment.

More activities for four, five, and six-year-olds:

  • Best Indoor Active Toys – for days when energy is overflowing
  • Sensory Activities in the Kitchen
  • Activity Plans for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Types of Learning Activities for 4-6 Year Olds

Younger children in this category are learning how to express their emotions, and they are reaching more and more milestones in their development. So, it is always good to encourage our younger children to explore, discover, create, and learn whenever possible.

Sensory Developmental Activities

These kinds of activities can help improve a child’s vocabulary and also encourages hand-eye coordination. By allowing our children to use rolling pins and cookie cutters, play dough, and participate in other hands-on activities, for example, we are allowing them to immerse themselves in these beneficial sensory activities.

These sensory activities can also help them improve their focus, learn more about the sensation of touch, and can help with motor skills, reading skills, and other important skills.

Montessori Activities

Teaching your child a few daily life activities at this age can help them improve their concentration while also teaching them about responsibility and empathy. Activities like caring for a pet, dishwashing, and folding laundry are things they can do in the home with their parents. They can have fun while learning these important life skills.

Indoor Activities

Activities like board games, card games, story time, and dance time should all be on your 4-6 year olds must do list because these activities not only encourage family time and socialization, they also encourage creativity, teach them how to listen to instructions, and can help them refine their problem-solving skills.

Outdoor Activities

Walks, obstacle courses, gardening, riding a bike, and playing catch are all fun outdoor activities that can help a child with their hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and improving their concentration. It also allows them to express their creativity while learning more about observational powers.

Cognitive Activities

For a child to develop their thinking and reasoning skills, cognitive activities can help. From math skills to object association and problem-solving, activities like puzzles, matching, and blocks are ideal for this age range.

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A child is always in a learning mode but it takes a peak when he hits six. It is time for you to introduce games or activities that would impart cognitive or emotional skills at this point. Here are some activities that you can try.

Video: 8 Best Developmental Activities for 6 Year Old Kids

Learning Activities

The age of 6 is tender but ripe for grasping new things. Teach them the following most productive educational activities for 6-year-olds.

1. Creating New Words

Words are always fun and if they are used the right way, they can be used to teach your kid a lot.

How to Do

Prepare some cards with small words of 3 letters. Ask your kid to come up with new words that have the same letters.

What do 6 year-olds like to do

What Does It Teach?

Your kid is now learning new words. So it will help him memorise spellings and come up with his own words.

2. Mirror

The game requires only a mirror and nothing else. It’s as simple as it can get.

How to Do

The game requires a lot of mimicking. Act out something in front of the mirror and ask your child to mimic it.

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What Does It Teach?

The game is perfect to develop motor skills. The act of mimicking would develop his bones and motor skills, as well as teach him to deliver quick responses.

What do 6 year-olds like to do

3. Discuss While Reading

A little background check can always benefit your kid and help him understand things better. This a very good reading activity for 6-year-olds.

How to Do

Read stories or things that would make him or her interested. Keep asking your child questions or if they come up with some, give your best to clarify it.

What Does It Teach?

The process would make him curious. It would make him imagine things and the more of it the better. It would help them with a solid understanding of the subject.

What do 6 year-olds like to do

4. Riddles

Riddles are a fun way to talk to someone. You can always create your own riddles to get your kid engaged.

How to Do

Start with simpler and regular ones. This will make your child curious and if he gets the answer, he will be elated. Make your own riddles and ask your child to make some new.

What Does It Teach?

This activity teases the brain and it will make your child think in a different way by exercising his brain.

5. Finish the Story

You can always ask your kid to finish the story. This is a good way to engage your 6-year-old in writing activities.

How to Do

Create an impromptu story and stop midway. Then, ask your child to write the end.

What Does It Teach?

This will be a fun activity. It can help your child in imagining a perfect end for the story. Also, it will help him develop writing skills.

Art and Craft Activities

Art and craft activities are always a fun way to teach your kids things that would give them a solid foundation. Following are some of the creative activities for 6-year-olds.

1. Play with Wind Vane

A simple thing to do, but your child would enjoy this activity a lot.

How to Do

You need a paper, a pair of scissors, a paper cup with a lid preferably, a pencil with an eraser on one end, few pebbles, a straw, some glue, and a compass.

Cut one square and one triangle out of a large piece of paper. Then, slit the straw on both ends. Add the triangle piece on one end and on the other, and fix the square one with glue. Put some pebbles in the cup to make it stable, and then close the lid. Erect the pencil in it with the eraser side out of it. Fix the straw with a pin on top of the rubber in such a way that the straw stays away from the rubber tip. Now, take it outside in the wind with a compass placed beside it. Let your kid note the direction of the wind.

What Does It Teach?

It can give your child exposure to craft while teaching how wind can cause movement.

2. Origami

This old form of Japanese art is both elegant and creative.

How to Do

You can always buy a set or you can cut out square pieces from newspaper and colour them. Then show your kid how to make little frogs or a bunny.

What Does It Teach?

This little game would keep your child hooked and let him explore his creativity.

3. Act Out Stories

It is a fun way to teach your kid new stories.

How to Do

Just take a favourite story of your kid and play characters in it. Ask him or her to write their own dialogue and then act. You can always do it in front of your family members.

What Does It Teach?

This will hone their acting skill and help them get involved in characters. It will give them a different perspective and help them overcome the fear of performing in front of others.

4. Drawing

Colours can always get your kids excited.

How to Do

You just need some paper, a pencil, rubber and colours. You can always get some books with pictures to colour as well.

What Does It Teach?

It is a creative way to help your kid give colours to his fantasies. As it is more primal in nature, it will assist your kid in noticing things minutely.

What do 6 year-olds like to do

5. Basic Cooking

Involving your kids in the kitchen would be fun to start with. They may make a mess, but they will learn more.

How to Do

Start with basics like how to flip a pancake or how to make scrambled eggs. Discuss the steps involved in it and teach them the art of measurement. Gradually, you can grade up to little snacks.

What Does It Teach?

It will make them responsible and give them the skills to be independent. They will start showing you respect for what you do in the kitchen.

Indoor Activities

If you involve them in various indoor activities, they will quickly learn to organise things on their own. Get them interested in these 6-years-old’s cognitive development activities.


A good activity to start with is LEGO. It is one of the finest activities for 6-year-olds at home.

How to Do

Playing with LEGO blocks is fun. This will challenge your child and provoke him into using his imagination. Guide him as little as possible.

What Does It Teach?

The game helps kids understand shapes and precision. This can also lead to arguments where they would start thinking rationally.

2. Treasure Hunt

It is an extremely motivating game that can get your kid excited.

How to Do

Hide some object or a reward somewhere inside the house and leave clues for him. Let him decode clues on their own.

What Does It Teach?

You kid will learn to focus and pay attention to details to solve a problem.

3. Make Cards

Be it any occasion, ask your child to make a card.

How to Do

You only need paper and some colours. If you kid feels like, he can add glitters and other things.

What Does It Teach?

Making a card for someone would create an association. Your child will get to know the value of occasions and culturally it would enrich him.

4. Writing in a Diary

Ask kids to maintain a diary every day.

How to Do

Buy your kid a nice diary with pages providing ample space for days to write about.

What Does It Teach?

A diary would help him to vent out his personal things. It can also make him more empathetic. He will start noticing things closely and feel them in detail.

What do 6 year-olds like to do

5. Chute and Ladder

This Indian game can help you make your kid’s boring days cheerful.

How to Do

Buy a chute and ladder board game and play the game with your child.

What Does It Teach?

This game is a perfect way to teach your kid about probability and luck.

Outdoor Activities

Boxing your kid up inside the house would do no good. It is time to let him understand how things work outside.

1. Visit the Zoo and Museum

This outdoor activity can open up his imagination.

How to Do

Visit these places with your kid and tell him fascinating stories about animals in the zoo or the historical artefacts in the museum.

What Does It Teach?

This will teach your kid about past and heritage, and also introduce him to the natural world.

2. Take a Snap

This can later even become his profession.

How to Do

Buy him or her a camera and let him explore and take pictures of whatever catches his fancy

What Does It Teach?

This can really get him intrigued and help him learn technicalities. Kids will start noticing things in a better way and create their own perceptions of them.

What do 6 year-olds like to do

3. Go Camping

Go into the wild with your kids. Don’t think of it as just boy-centric, this can be a fun activity for a 6-year-old girl as well.

How to Do

Choose a safe place away from the city. Get the essentials with you and set off. Teach your kid about little things in detail. Give him small chores to do.

What Does It Teach?

This will teach kids to be self-sufficient and how to manage things in adverse situations. Also, it will teach them survival tricks.

4. Go Fishing

Have fun while fishing.

How to Do

Get some angling rod, a bucket and bait for fishes.

What Does It Teach?

Fishing can teach your kid a lot of patience.

What do 6 year-olds like to do

5. Plant a Tree

Gardening can be super fun. And yes, it will allow him to play with dirt.

How to Do

Get a sapling and your garden tools and some water. Let him dig the ground and put the sapling. Then, allow him to water it.

What Does It Teach?

It will bring your kid close to nature and teach him to take care of other beings.

What do 6 year-olds like to do

It is the right time to start exposing your child to various activities and get him intrigued to promote development. Be innovative in your approach and have fun to the fullest.

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