What Is The Best Nail Color For A Maroon Dress?

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I never thought about adding maroon pieces to my closet until I saw photos from an outdoor fall wedding in Vermont. The bridesmaids wore maroon dresses and looked stunning. The autumn leaves provided the perfect backdrop for their rich-colored dresses.

I was definitely inspired and I purchased a maroon dress to wear this winter. I am wondering what are the best nail colors for a maroon dress.

Top picks for nail colors that will look fantastic with a maroon dress are turquoise, teal, gold, black, silver or gray, cream, navy blue, rose, and beige. 

What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing The Best Nail Color For A Maroon Dress?


I’m wondering if the venue and type of event should influence nail color selection. 

A general guideline is that if the occasion is formal, like a wedding or a black tie party, a neutral or subdued nail color will work best. In the case of wearing a maroon dress to a fancy event, cream, gray, gold, navy, and rose pink are all good nail polish color options. 

On the other hand, if the occasion is casual, like a Sunday morning brunch or a summer picnic, any nail color will work. In fact, casual occasions are the perfect time to experiment with bold and bright nail colors. For instance, with a maroon dress at a casual event, you can try gold, turquoise, or teal. 


I’m also thinking about whether the season will impact nail color selection. 

A rule of thumb for nail color selection is to wear darker nail polish colors in the winter, neutral colors in the fall, pastel nail colors in the spring, and bolder brighter colors in the summer. 

Since I’m planning to wear my maroon dress this winter, black, gray, and navy blue might be my best color options. If I decide to wear the dress again in the spring, I plan to try turquoise and teal on my nails as I think these colors shout spring and would freshen up my look.


Personal style is always a good barometer to check when selecting a nail polish color. 

Maroon tends to be a “quiet” color in my mind. Sometimes my style is to accessorize a laid-back look with bold accessories. To reflect my personal style, turquoise, gold, or rose might be good choices for my manicure color. 

On the other hand, if your style is earthy and chill, you might prefer pairing your maroon dress with a neutral color like cream. 

And, if you are creative and love variety you can experiment with nail art on your nails when you wear a maroon dress.

Best Nail Colors For A Maroon Dress – Explained

Now that we have a framework of considerations to help us pick a nail color, let’s dive into each of the top nail color options that go with a maroon dress. 

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Turquoise Nails With A Maroon Dress

Turquoise is composed of pale blue and green and has yellow undertones. This delightful bluish-green color tends to make people feel calm, friendly, and positive. Turquoise can brighten up anyone’s day. 

Turquoise nail polish is a wonderful choice if you are wearing a maroon dress. This color combination would look especially awesome in spring and summer but can be worn all year round. 

If you decide to paint your nails turquoise, try adding another turquoise accessory to really pull your outfit together. Try a piece of jewelry with a turquoise stone, a turquoise belt or scarf, or even a bluish-green purse.

Turquoise with its blue composition and maroon with its brown tones are a great variation of the classic combination of blue and brown. 

Teal Nails With A Maroon Dress

Teal is very similar to turquoise. It is also a blue-green color but it is much darker. 

Since teal is darker than turquoise, teal may be a better nail polish choice to pair with your maroon dress in the fall and winter if you want a bluish-green color. However, teal is a year-round color so feel free to also wear it in the summer if it vibes with your style. 

If you look at the color wheel, teal is pretty complementary to maroon. A teal manicure will help a maroon dress pop. And, these two colors create a visually pleasing color palette and will photograph well together. 

What color nails go with burgundy dress

Gold Nails With A Maroon Dress

Even for those of us who typically wear basic colors, it feels good to shine every so often! For that reason, a gold manicure is a fun color to pair with a maroon dress. 

Gold is a warm yellow color and is also a precious metal. Both gold and maroon have warm undertones and look amazing when paired together. 

I always think of maroon and gold as a royal color combination. Consequently, if you opt for a metallic gold nail color when you wear a maroon dress, you’ll feel regal and elegant. Continue with this theme and pair gold-tone jewelry or a gold purse with your maroon dress. 

What color nails go with burgundy dress

Black Nails With A Maroon Dress

Maroon and black are both dark colors so if you paint your nails black when you wear a maroon dress, your look will be sleek and can also be a bit sexy. Black is a neutral color so black nails will coordinate effortlessly with a maroon dress regardless of whether the dress has a more red or brown tone. 

A black manicure is probably one of the top color choices to wear with a maroon dress in the winter. 

If you decide black is the best nail color for your maroon dress, you have another choice to make. You can choose to wear black glossy nail polish which is a classic look. Or, you can use black matte nail polish on your nails and end up with an edgier and trendier vibe. 

What color nails go with burgundy dress

Silver Or Gray Nails With A Maroon Dress

Similar to black, gray is a neutral color and will look perfect on your nails when you wear a maroon dress. Yet, gray is lighter than black and will result in a softer look. 

If you decide to paint your nails gray when you wear a maroon dress, you have the option of selecting light gray or charcoal gray nail polish. Light gray is better suited for spring and summer, while charcoal gray will look elegant in the fall and winter. 

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The color silver is very similar to gray but has a metallic finish. You can paint your nails silver if you want your maroon dress to stand out and want to create a fun and festive look.  

Cream Nails With A Maroon Dress

The color of cream is yellowish-white, and it is very close to a pastel yellow. 

Cream nails are one of the best nail colors for a maroon dress because both colors have warm yellow undertones. 

Maroon is a dark color and will contrast beautifully with cream, a light color. If you wear cream on your nails and a maroon dress to an event, this light-dark contrast between your nails and dress will create an exciting look and you’ll stand out. 

Cream is one of those colors that is so versatile that you can go for a cream manicure in any season and for any occasion. 

Navy Blue Nails With A Maroon Dress

An easy nail color choice for when you wear maroon is navy blue. Navy is a dark shade of blue and maroon is a dark shade of red. Blue and red are across from each other on the color wheel and naturally complement one another. Navy and maroon, when paired together, will make your outfit feel and look luxurious. 

Additionally, navy nails will elevate your maroon dress. Even though navy is a neutral color, it can tone cool. Maroon is a warm color. The coolness of navy nails paired with a warm-toned maroon dress will look balanced, classy, and sophisticated. 

Navy nails are a perfect option any time of year and regardless of where you wear your maroon dress. 

Rose Nails With A Maroon Dress

Another gorgeous nail color is rose. Rose is found between red and pink on the color wheel. 

Rose did not initially come to mind when thinking about what are the best nail colors for a maroon dress. Maroon and rose are similar hues but unexpectedly actually go well together providing a nice contrast to one another. 

Rose-colored nails will soften up any maroon dress, creating a feminine and romantic look. We love the idea of pairing rose nails with a maroon dress for Valentine’s Day.

Additionally, rose nails are also a wonderful choice to pair with a maroon dress in the spring and summer. The color rose on your nails will look natural with the flowers that bloom. 

Finally, enhance your rose manicure and maroon dress with rose-gold jewelry. Rose-gold jewelry looks amazing when paired with both maroon and rose. 

Beige Nails With A Maroon Dress

Beige nails are one of the best nail colors for a maroon dress, regardless of season and occasion. Beige nails will lighten up and balance a rich maroon dress at any time of year and at any event.

While beige is a clean, simple, and understated color, a beige manicure will create an elegant style when you wear a maroon dress.  

Beige is a light sandy color in the brown family. Depending on which beige nail polish you select, beige can have warm or cool undertones. Warm beige nail polish has yellow, pink, or peach undertones.

Cool beige nail polish has bluish or gray undertones. And, some beige nail polishes will be true neutrals. Select whichever shade of beige suits your style as you can never go wrong with this color.

What color nails go with burgundy dress

Can I Match My Nail Polish Color To My Dress?

Absolutely. If you like a monochromatic look, you can select a maroon nail polish for your manicure. While it’s usually fun to pick a slightly lighter or darker shade for your nail polish than the color of your dress, it might be difficult to find different shades of maroon nail polish. 

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In the case of a maroon dress, you can create a visually pleasing style if you add texture or variation in color, like an accent nail or accent on the tips of your nails. 

If you’d like to add texture to your maroon manicure, you can look for a maroon nail polish with a leather effect or a sand effect. Alternatively, you could add more dimension to your manicure with 3D nail embellishments, like a small stone. 

One way to add variation in color to your maroon nails is by painting one of your nails an accent color. For instance, you can paint one of your nails on each hand gold or pink. Another way to create an aesthetically pleasing look is to add variation in color after you paint your nails maroon by painting the tips of your nails a gold color. 

Can I Wear A Pattern On My Nails With A Maroon Dress?

You can be creative and use patterned nail art on your nails with a maroon dress. We think animal prints will look amazing when paired with a maroon dress. 

One idea is to paint white and black zebra stripes on your nails. Both white and black are neutral colors and will look great with a maroon dress. 

Another animal print we love with a maroon dress is leopard print. The background color of a leopard print is a warm tan or beige (which we already know looks great with maroon). The spots are typically black and brown. The colors in a leopard print nail coordinate very well with maroon and will elevate your outfit. 

What color nails go with burgundy dress

Which Nail Colors Should I Select For Cool Seasons And Which For Warm Seasons?

There is no rule about which nail colors will look best in each season. However, you can think about selecting a dark nail color in the fall and winter, and choosing a lighter color in the spring and summer. Metallic nail polish is great all year round and can result in a festive appearance. 

The Tag On My Dress Says “Burgundy.” Is Maroon A Different Color?

Yes! Maroon and burgundy are two different colors. Both maroon and burgundy are in the red family. However, while maroon is a brownish color, burgundy is a purplish color. 

If your dress is burgundy, you’ll probably want to think about different choices for nail colors. Some of the neutral colors we suggest here will also work with a burgundy dress.  

Final Thoughts

Maroon is a classic timeless color and a great staple to have in your wardrobe. In fact, Princess Catherine frequently wears maroon as described here

If you are wearing a maroon dress, you have so many nail color options to choose from. Depending on the choice you make for your nails, you can take your outfit from simple to fun and exciting, or from uninvolved to elegant.

If you have other color dresses and are debating on what nail color to select, check out our posts on what color nails go with a brown dress, a purple dress, a silver dress, or a hunter green dress. You can also see what we think about whether your nails should match your dress. 

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